Instructions for reserving your tour using our online booking system

Our booking system operates like a typical online shopping cart. You add "products" (single kayak, tandem kayak, etc.) to a cart, select dates and quantities, enter your details, and then checkout. Here are the pages, and the steps on each page.

A. Select Product Page (Optional)

Step 1 (Optional) - Choose the first product to reserve: either single kayak, tandem kayak, or stand up paddleboard.

*Note - if you click a link to book an individual product, you will bypass this page and go directly to the next page: Booking.

B. Booking Page

Step 2 - Choose the desired start date & time, as well as the desired end date & time.

Step 3 - Choose the number of people that will need this particular product.

C. Cart Page

Step 4 - Confirm dates, times, products, and quantities.

Step 5 (Optional- If you would like to add more products, click the "Continue Shopping" button to return to the Select Product Page, and add them separately. In this way, you will reserve them all in one booking.
For example: If you have added single kayaks, and you would also like tandem kayaks. Or if you would like to reserve several tours at once, you may also add multiple products with different dates to the same cart.

D. Customer Information Page

Step 6 - Enter your details.

E. Confirmation Page

Step 7 - Confirm dates, products, quantities, and other details, and then confirm your resaervation, all done! See you soon!

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