Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Tour logistics

Q. Where do your kayak tours go?
A. That is completely up to you; our guides are happy to take you and your group anywhere you choose. make sure to check out all of our standup paddleboard (SUP) & kayaking routes.
Q. When do your tours depart? How long do your tours last?
A. This is also your choice. The average time is 2 hours, and that depends on where you would like to go and the pace you prefer.
Q. What is your recommended route?
A. All of them! But if you only have time for one, our sunrise and sunset tours are spectacular!
If you prefer to be under the day's sun, or you are only on Mackinac Island for the day, our arch rock tour offers great views of underwater caves and natural rock formations.
If you are a beginner feeling timid, or want a more relaxing experience, don't worry, we take beginners on our marina tour every day. We stay inside the bay where waters are smooth, and the pace is calm. Detailed instruction on the beach from our guides before the tour will have you feeling comfortable in no time.
For our more experienced paddlers, adventure to Round Island lighthouse, Bois Blanc Island, or find the best waves to ride.
Any way you go, paddling Lake Huron in Michigan is sure to leave lasting impressions.
Q. Will other customers join our tour?
A. You have the option of booking any of our tours as a private tour. If you do not wish to book a private tour, then other paddlers will be free to book on the same tour, and we will add people to your tour only if there is a match in desired location and timing. We do our best to keep tour sizes under 12 boats. For tours with more boats, we send multiple guides so that we can split into smaller groups.
Our private tours are customizable to the experience and interests of your group, they include a dedicated guide, and they launch and land separately from other groups.
Q. Do your guides accompany every tour?
A. Yes, with little exception, we send guides out with every tour. This is for safety, and our guides can also share stories about the local landscape and history.
Q. What is the minimum age for your tours? Do you allow children?
A. While we don't have a specific minimum age limit, we do have a few requirements for children:
- They must ride in a tandem with an adult, and
- They must be able to sit still without rocking the boat.
Most children ages 4 and above meet these requirements just fine. The ages of your children are helpful details for us to know, so please specify in the comments section when you book. We do take children and beginners on the Arch Rock tour everyday, and it's one of our most popular, so that is an excellent choice.
Q. What is the minimum age for a child to go in their own single kayak?
A. We find that between the ages of 9 - 14 are when a child will consider going in their own single kayak for the first time, and this varies considerably based on the following factors:
- Physical size: they need to be able to reach the foot stops.
- Swimming ability: they must be comfortable and familiar with the water.
- Listening ability: they must listen to their guide's instructions and be willing to follow instructions.
If you have a child going in a single kayak for the first time, this is helpful information for us to know, so please specify in the comments section when you book. We do take children and beginners on the Arch Rock tour everyday, and it's one of our most popular, so that is an excellent choice.
Q. Can a child ride in a tandem with 2 adults?
A. No, our tandems have a maximum capacity of 2 people.
Q. Can I bring my dog?
A. Yes, we welcome dogs on our tours, with a few requirements:
1. They must wear a doggy life jacket.
2. Their weight limit plus yours must fit within the weight limit of the boat (we have boats up to 550lb weight limit).
3. They must be well behaved.
We also recommend an open deck boat for larger doggies.
Please specify that your dog will be joining you in the comments of the reservation, and we'll be ready to accommodate. 

Pricing and cancellations

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The base rate is $50/hr/person for our predefined tours. We also offer custom private tours, as well as special group & day rates. Please give us a call for more details - 231-715-2925.
Q. What if it I have booked in advance, but I get rained out, the water is too choppy, or the weather is otherwise not cooperating?
A. If you have booked in advance and we have suspended tours due to weather, or you show up and are not feeling comfortable with the current weather or water conditions in any way, we will issue you a 100% refund, no questions asked.
Q. How much do I need to pay at the time of the booking to reserve my time?
A. You must pay 100% of the rental fee at the time of booking.
Q. If I cancel, do I receive a refund?
A. You do not receive a refund if you cancel.

What to bring, and what to do with my stuff

Q. Where can I keep my belongings while I am on my tour?
A. While the kayaks are equipped with dry bins, you will want to keep your more precious cargo on shore. We also offer dry bag rental for an additional fee. Please see the reservation page for details.
Q. Can I bring my camera?
A. You may bring your camera, but please be advised that you will want to extra care when shooting cameras. Kayaking is a 2-handed sport that requires attention to balance and direction. Even a kayaker who is getting the hang of the sport can easily put themselves or others at risk when "going for the shot".
Q. What do I need to wear?
A. This depends largely on the weather. If the temperature is mild with a wind, as is typical in early spring, you may want to wear long pants, and should bring a sweatshirt as well. If it is sunny and hot, as is typical in the summer, you will want to wear short sleeves or a bathing suit.
As for footwear, you will want shoes that can get wet, or you may go barefoot. If you need water shoes to help with the rocky beach, we have very high quality shoes for a very reasonable price in a variety of styles and colors.

SUP Yoga

Q. Will I get wet?
A. Possibly, but it’s all part of the fun!
Q. What should I wear?
A. Athletic clothing is ideal for range of motion and also comfort if your clothes get wet. Bathing suits are welcome especially on warmer days. If you can avoid it, don't wear cotton next to your skin and instead stick with synthetic, quick-dry materials. Shoes optional, but it’s recommended to bring water shoes/sandals along if you have them.  
Q. What do I do with my personal belongings?
A. GTKT will be happy to look after personal belongings back on our beach.  
Q. Do I need to be able to swim?
A. It is preferable.
Q. Do I have to have taken yoga before? Do I need to be flexible?
A. Not at all! Classes are tailored for all levels and poses will be broken down in easy to understand language and instruction. If you're not very flexible, yoga will help! If you're not super strong, yoga will help! Yoga is a nonjudgmental practice, not a competition or something to be “good” at or “achieve.”
Q. Do I need to have paddled before on a stand-up paddleboard?
A. No, we'll go over basic paddle techniques for anyone new to paddling. It’s much easier than you think!
Q. Will I get a good workout?
A. Yes! Our classes will always be tailored to your ability level and your personal goals. SUP Yoga is especially great at strengthening the core muscles. Because of the heightened importance of balance, all movements must be slow and deliberate. The best way to do this is to engage the internal stabilizing muscles, the core. We strive for a well-rounded class each time, working all major muscle groups.



Q. Is camping allowed on Mackinac Island?
A. No, camping is not allowed on Mackinac Island. However, camping is allowed on Round Island in Hiawatha National Forest and on Bois Blanc Island. Simply bring your camping gear, and we can set you up with all of the paddling gear and arrange your transportation by kayak!
Q. Will I have time to make it to the ferry boat back to the mainland after my tour?
A. Ferry boat schedules vary throughout the season, so you will need to check with them to get exact schedules:

Shepler's We are a few doors down from the Shepler's dock, and it is about a 5 minute walk.

Star Line We are about 1 city block from the Star Line docks (both Mackinaw City and St. Ignace docks), and it is about a 10 minute walk to either.

If they do not have a boat that accommodates the timing for the tour you would like, we also have a location in Mackinaw City, right at the base of the Mackinac Bridge, which offers tours from sunrise to sunset.